A new addition in the Pontoon boat market - Barletta E-Class

A new addition in the Pontoon boat market - Barletta E-Class

August 07, 2019

After winning the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) Innovation Award in the category of Pontoon boat for the L-Class series, the brand-new company Barletta has soon come up with its latest series, in the name of E-Class series.

Affectionately referred to as the “little brother” to the Barletta L-Class, the E-Class is offered at a price-point one step lower than the L-Class while maintaining much of the same DNA. The E-Class series is known to have more standards, simple yet refined options, comfort, quality and excellent customer experience and all the best hallmarks of a pontoon boat built by Barletta. Customers can also find Barletta’s first fishing floorplans here in the E-Class line-up.

Some of the products from the E-Class series of the brand are Barletta E20Q, Barletta E22U, and Barletta’s new expanding Pontoon the EX23Q.

Source: Barletta

Author : Meha Prasad


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