Kordsa acquires AXIOM Materials

Kordsa acquires AXIOM Materials

July 26, 2019

With the acquisition of Axiom Materials, Kordsa completed the first phase of its goal of creating a second Kordsa. Advanced composite materials produced by Axiom Materials are used in many new generation applications in different sectors as well as aircraft engines.

Pointing out his place in Kordsa’s vision as the New Generation Sabanci, Mehmet Göçmen, the Holding CEO of Sabanci said, “Our focus on the transformation of Sabanci Group is dynamic portfolio management and high-tech investments. Kordsa, the main platform of our vision of growth is high value-added areas, is transforming into a company that produces advanced material technologies on a global scale and an investment of approximately US$300 million in the last two years. In the last two years, we have incorporated four major companies in the US and created a business line that exceeds US $ 150 million annually. Kordsa, which is the supplier of the world’s giants, has become an assertive position in the field of ceramic matrix composites in the aviation industry with our new investments. This important acquisition, which is an indicator of our understanding of managing our business at universal standards, will support the development of our country in international markets.”

Cenk Alper, Chairman of the Sabanci Holding Industry Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kordsa, said, “We continue to support our organic growth in the composite technologies market with inorganic growth. We took the first step of our growth strategy with the Composite Technologies Center of Excellence, one of the few integrated production centers in the world. In our journey to aviation sector, which started with Fabric Development and Textile Products, which produces structural materials that require high engineering. Our competence expanded with the acquisition of Advanced Honeycomb Technologies, which produces in-cabin parts. With Axion Materials investment, we will create a growth platform in North America, the base of the aerospace industry.”

Ali Çal??kan, Kordsa CEO said, “We have taken a very important step in supporting our vision of ‘strengthening life by inspiring life.’ In addition to the aerospace and aerospace industries, Axiom Materials, which provides advanced technology composite materials to the next generation transportation vehicles and directs the composite market with its R&D studies, has completed our advanced technology composite intermediate portfolio and expanded our capabilities in the field of composite products. With the acquisition of Axiom Materials, we complete the first stage of our second Kordsa creation target. Today, we are the leading player in the market for high temperature resistant Oxide-Oxide ceramic composite materials used in aircraft engines, Airplane wings and also reinforced tires.”

Source: Kordsa


Author : Meha Prasad


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